OUR IMPACT is best shown in these two success stories: Dante and Rocky. We caught, domesticated and trained them so they can lead happy, healthy lives.



Dante is a 6-year-old non-gaited Kentucky Mountain Horse collected from Knott County Kentucky in 2016. He was born feral to a free-roaming herd and was highly difficult to capture and handle. Dante was gelded in 2017 and after many hours of training is now leading a normal life. He is currently under saddle and doing quite well! Dante is built more like a quarter horse and is fairly short, standing at just over 15 hands tall. Dante’s plans for 2019 include ranch horse events, trail riding, fox-hunting, and traveling to local horse shows and events to help promote our mission and raise awareness of the free-roaming horses in eastern KY.



Rocky is a 10-year-old gaited Kentucky Mountain Horse collected from Floyd County, Kentucky. He was born feral and was the band stallion of a group of around fifty horses on that particular strip mine. He was extremely fearful and took months to learn to trust people. Rocky is gaited and stands a little taller than Dante, at 15.2 hands. He is currently being started under saddle and is on track to enjoy lots of trail and endurance riding this coming year. He will be joining Dante on the road to shows and promotional events soon!